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Minimal + Simple Wedding Theme

A lot of brides are picking minimal and simple décor for their wedding theme. This style still upholds the romantic side but with a little chicness to it. It’s clean, easy to achieve, and it creates a beautiful set up. We want to get your creative juices flowing by showing off minimal, simple wedding theme ideas for your special day!

Minimal + Simple Table Décor

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From table cards to the table numbers, keeping things clean is an easy DIY project if you want to take control yourself! Find a text you like and you can easily print at home on card stock. Simple floral arrangements with hints of green to a few candles, your table setting will be sitting pretty as can be!

Minimal + Simple Cake

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Clean edges, smooth surface, a minimal, simple cake always looks attractive! An all-over solid color with a little bit of a floral accent, you’ll love how your cake looks in all your photos! Wedding cakes don’t have to be decked out with decorations to look its best, this style shows simple is the way to go.

Minimal + Simple Alter Décor

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Your alter is a focal point in your ceremony besides the two of you. When wanting to keep things minimal and simple, go for abstract. Geometric shapes with single piping makes for a dreamy alter without all the extra add ons.

Minimal + Simple Floral

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Minimal, simple floral arrangements are the new it wedding style. Clear vases with single flowers to eye-catching plant leaves, these florals can easily be made by you to save a pretty penny. These types of florals and plants will be pleasing to the eye!

Minimal + Simple Candle Décor

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Candles always put a romantic mood in the air at weddings. To create simple, minimal candle décor, place candles in a non-organized arrangement, it sounds weird but you’ll love the outcome. When placing candles on tables, try playing with different heights for variety.

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