“There are multiple ways of being a woman, a bride, a human”. Meet the creatives behind Lola Varma bridal.

Ilha Silk Minimalist Wedding Gown - Lola Varma

In an industry cluttered with lace, jewels and tulle, Australian label Lola Varma stands worlds apart. The label’s aesthetic is befitting of a modern, understated bride – one that is true to her persisting sense of style, even on her wedding day. Having admired their simple, free-spirited silhouettes for some time now, we were excited to talk to Phoebe Cristinelli and Courtney Illfield – Lola Varma’s designers. 

Elle + Adhira: Tell us about you and your background. What led you to create the Lola Varma label? 

Phoebe + Courtney: There is momentum of women taking control of their style and wanting an outfit that is easy and not typical of the traditional bridal gown. We thought, “what would we really like to wear on our wedding day?” Lets make that.

Theo Top - Lola Varma bridal

E + A: Who is the Lola Varma bride?

P + C: She posses an un-spoken confidence and a strong sense of self. She doesn’t mind a double scoop ice-cream on a balmy night.  

Jolante Silk - Lola Varma

E + A: What inspires your designs?

P + C: Our biggest inspiration is the time we live in and the many individual females we know. With the advent of social media and the possibilities of gaining more information we are shown outside the box of stereotypes.  There are multiple ways of being a woman, a bride, a human. To us, being who you are in the present moment instead of striving to become an image of something is way more beautiful and filled with love.

Lola Varma Valmai wedding gown - close up

E + A: Your work is so fresh and clean. What advice would you give brides who want to create a similar aesthetic, and steer clear of the tired wedding cliches? 

P + C: Go for something that reflects your day-day to style, and that will make you smile and not for anybody else. 

Lola Varma wedding dress

E + A: Be honest… do you have an absolute favourite gown from your current collection?!

P + C: The Valmai gown. We feel this dress is a reflection of our aesthetic. Valmai is classic, uncomplicated and elegant.

Lola Varma Valmai wedding dress

You can find Lola Varma at http://www.lolavarma.com/ or through their Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/lola.varma.bridal/.
– E+A

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