Here’s how to guarantee your wedding day hair and makeup is the absolute best

The Future Mrs - Makeup Artist Casey Gore

We’ve all had disappointing hair and makeup at times in our lives – and when it happens, it’s a sure-fire way to rattle even the most confident and beautiful of women. On your wedding day, a hair or makeup fail can’t be an option – so we were over the moon to meet recently with Casey Gore and Kellie Nichol-Smith from The Future Mrs: An innovative company that links brides with some of the country’s best hair and makeup artists – those who work primarily in fashion editorial, and who are truly at the top of their craft. Finally, brides can access hair and makeup talent befitting of their incredible wedding day.  As a brand, we were lucky enough to work with one of The Future Mrs’ creatives on our recent campaign shoot – so can personally vouch for the exceptional standards.

The Future Mrs - Makeup Artist Renee Sayed

E + A: What are your backgrounds, and what led you to be inspired to create The Future Mrs? C @TFM: Ive been an editorial Makeup Artist for the last decade – working on mostly fashion and commercial shoots, but doing the occasional wedding ‘on the side’. It was only when I had a bride give me an image of skin that she loved as a reference at her wedding trial and the image she was showing me was coincidentally my own work that I realised what a gap in the market there was. The excitement on her face and when she said “I cant believe I get to have THE makeup artist on my wedding day from my favourite magazine!” And it was then that THE FUTURE MRS was born.

The importance of creating the Future Mrs for me was ‘connection’. After 10 years working closely with the top talent in the country I thought why not give brides the opportunity to have the talent from they’re favourite magazines/brands? I’ve found a collaboration of super talent who also happen to be beautiful souls with a great skill set – a dream team that I can trust with any bride for her special day.
K @TFM: I’ve worked as a photographic agent and producer for over 10 years and have been privileged to collaborate with some of the country’s top artists. When Casey told me about The Future Mrs, and invited me to come on board to manage operations, I jumped at the opportunity. I knew I’d love working alongside Casey and the talented artist’s in the stable but having been a bride myself I also knew that the level of service we can provide would be next level and embraced by the market.

E + A: What makes the hair and makeup artistry talent that you work with different from the run-of-the-mill wedding suppliers? C @ TFM: We come from an editorial background which means we have fantastic attention to detail. We are working in fashion so therefore we are up to date with the latest hair and makeup trends. Lastly the approach to hair and makeup is often a “less is more approach” we believe that on your wedding day, your wedding guests should see you before they see your makeup. That is what editorial teaches you – to make sure it’s always beautiful and fresh, regardless of brief.K @ TFM: Our level of professionalism sets us apart from other suppliers – and the fact that we’re lovely human beings that genuinely want our brides to have an amazing experience. 

Sarah Laidlaw - The Future Mrs

E + A: When planning a wedding, it can seem like there are so many things for a bride to invest budget into. How important is good hair and makeup on the day of your wedding? C @ TFM: Hair and makeup is very important, and not just for the “looking good part”. Your hair and makeup artist plays a significant role in getting you ready emotionally for your wedding day. Earlier on I mentioned that TFM has “beautiful souls” on the books. This simply is a must as a wedding day can be stressful and fast-paced. A good artist will set the tone and keep everyone calm, especially the bride. This of course comes with years of experience working in the fast paced world of editorials and fashion campaigns.K @ TFM: You know this is such a great question! I understand a budget can be tight but remember what people look at most – your face! So your hair and makeup is so important! And the only thing people look at after the wedding day are the photos and videos – again – your face! Sometimes brides won’t pay an extra $50pp to secure a great artist, which when you’re spending thousands of dollars on little things that people probably won’t even notice, astonishes me. Bad hair and makeup can make you look older beyond your years and make you feel uncomfortable. Trust me! I’ve had some bad makeup in my time! So if you’re ever going to allocate a few extra dollars put it towards a great artist! 

 Molly Warkentin (makeup) and Katie Angus (hair) - The Future Mrs

E + A: What advice would you give a bride-to-be who is deciding on a hair and makeup aesthetic for her wedding day? What looks, effects or colours should she favour – and which should she avoid? C @ TFM: Under all circumstances every bride to be should look timeless and elegant.A good Hair stylist/Makeup Artist will ask all the right questions…such as – 

  • What does your dress look like?
  • What shoes are you wearing?
  • What does your jewellery look like?
  • What colour are your bridesmaids dresses,shoes and jewellery?
  • Are you having a dress change?
  • Where is the wedding and reception taking place?
  • Who is your photographer?
  • How do you normally wear your makeup?
  • Can you show me pictures of makeup that you love?

When it comes to colours, keep to neutral, warm tones – unless you’re quite pale, in which case slightly cooler tones are recommended. I would say try and avoid bright colours on the eyes,only because it is high risk of going to tacky town and dating rather quickly. K @ TFM: Brides should get together references they love to discuss with their artist during the trial but not get too fixated on a particular look. Stay open to recommendations and suggestions from the artist. They are the professional after all and can take other aspects like face shape and eye shape into consideration.

Renee Sayed - makeup - The Future Mrs

E + A: What are your top three hair and makeup trends in bridal for the year ahead? C @ TFM: Firstly, dewy skin has been the hot topic of conversation for all of the 2017 bridal collections, which we at the Future Mrs couldn’t agree with more. When I say dewy skin, that doesn’t mean excessive highlighter. It’s about looking lit from within. “A glowing bride”, if you will. It is of the upmost importance that we make our brides feel like the most beautiful versions of themselves. We don’t believe in a makeup mask. When you walk down the aisle your loved ones should think “Wow, isn’t she just beautiful!” not “Wow, how’s the makeup!”Secondly, rose gold hues are on trend at the moment and we feel they could be here to stay. The colours are warm, flattering on most and can be paired beautifully with a smokey eye or a lighter rose gold wash with a bold lip. Thirdly, whether it be loose soft waves or a textured low chignon, textured hair trends are here to stay. They make you look quite youthful, are great for all types of weather conditions and compliment a formal dress or a soft flowing gown.K @ TFM: What Casey said – She’s the expert! 

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