Sounds, scents and sights: An Australian Wedding Blogger talks sensory wedding planning

Farewell Fiancé is a lush new voice in the wedding bloggersphere – providing brides-to-be with inspiration on fashion, travel, wellness and sensory experiences. We sat down with founder Brooke to hear her take on 2017 trends and tips for planning a wedding with a full sensory experience in mind, and to celebrate their latest editorial shot in Mykonos, Greece.  

Elle + Adhira: Tell us about Farewell Fiancé! Why did you start, and what are you passionate about helping your brides do? 

 Brooke: It’s been a labour of love! I personally couldn’t relate to any of the wedding blogs out there. I’m not a bridaly-bridal lover, I’m not a boho chick and I didn’t feel alternative enough for a lot of the other almost DIY focused blogs out there. I’ve been involved in planning countless weddings and have always wanted someone to start something that was completely stylish, gender-neutral, and looked at the bigger picture of planning a wedding.  It never happened – so I started Farewell Fiancé!

It’s a beautiful space to browse that offers style-driven inspiration and advice from a more holistic perspective. We look at Fashion, Style, Places, Senses and Wellness.  Plus, we interview People who inspire us for a number of reasons that are not necessarily connected to the wedding industry.  Farewell Fiancé feels fun and luxurious, taking inspiration from style and design, most often outside of the weddings world.  Couples who are planning their wedding are on the cusp of entering an exciting new phase of life and we want to help them make style, wellness and lifestyle choices that will long outlast their wedding day.

E + A: You must see pretty much every trend, movement and theme that exists in the wedding world. What are your favourite trends for 2017 brides? 

B: Personally, I’m thankful to be seeing a gradual move away from the boho trend and am crushing hard on designers who are presenting more sophisticated and refined collections.  3D fabrics, embellishment and applique will continue to feature heavily in designer collections and accessories like capes, caplets and detachable overskirts will also be a trend to look out for.  Aside from fashion, adventurous elopements of epic proportions are becoming more popular as couples decide to invest their budgets creatively.

E + A: We love the Senses section of your site, because it feels like the senses other than vision often take a back seat when it comes to wedding planning. How should a bride approach sensory wedding planning? Is this something to consider holistically from the very beginning?

B: Yes, absolutely! A wedding should be a total sensory experience and couples should consider right from the beginning of their planning how they want their wedding to feel.  Will it be a laid back, casual affair? An elegant formal soiree? There are so many factors to consider from taste, texture, music, entertainment, climate, scent (think flowers, herbs, surrounding trees, scented candles, incense). There are so many ways to create an incredible sensory experience for your guests, I could literally talk about this forever!

E + A: In our books, taste has to be one of the most important considerations! What should couples think about when choosing their menu? 

B: I wholeheartedly agree! Firstly, I think it’s important to consider what style of catering you would like, again this comes back to how you want your wedding to feel. Will a sit down meal be offered – banquet, buffet or a la carte? Or will you opt for a stand up cocktail-style event with roving hor d’oeuvres? In terms of menu, my advice is offer the food you love.  I have the same philosophy when it comes to cooking – cook the way you love because if no one else enjoys it, at least you will!

E + A: Last question: What’s the most memorable walk-down-the-aisle music you’ve ever heard of? 

B: A 5-piece funk band playing with a 12-piece orchestra behind them! There is no way that wedding will be boring! 

Check out Farewell Fiancé at their websiteInstagramPinterest and Facebook. Photography by Sam Bisso.

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