Aleisha + Rich | The Bridechilla Love Story

In this episode, we explore the love story of Aleisha and Rich, the lovers behind the Bridechilla podcast. Their love story started with happy coincidence and a witty Facebook comment. One thing led to another and they decided to start dating in a long distance relationship. After a few months, they decided to meet in person for the first time and had an amazing European adventure. The rest is pretty much history. Being together all these years has taught them that the journey of love can be a bumpy one and choosing love means cherishing each day including the highs and the lows. The story is narrated by Aleisha and Eddie.

Bridechilla brings a much needed perspective to the wedding industry, encouraging brides to focus on authenticity and facing the realities of getting married with a an arsenal of resources. You can check out the podcast on your favorite podcast player or on IG @bridechilla.

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