Five tips for choosing your wedding day beauty artists

Beautifinda / Madame Rouge Makeup

We get it. It's your wedding day, and you need to look bomb. So we spoke with the gang at Beautifinda - a place to find and book over 500 hair and makeup artists online - about how to choose your wedding day beauty artists. Britt Cunningham penned this guest post to fill us in.  

In this era of Instagram and Pinterest, we are blessed with so many incredible makeup artists and hair stylists that narrowing down just one for your big day can seem like a daunting task. This was one of the driving factors behind establishing Beautifinda. Our aim is to connect the community to their talented local beauty professionals. Many of our clients are brides sourcing artists for their big day, and it can be hard to know where to begin. Here are our top tips for choosing the artists that will bring your wedding-day beauty to life.


  • Consider Your Vision

  • Every bride has a particular vision of themselves on their big day. Use Pinterest and Instagram to collect images that inspire you - you’ll begin to notice a trend in the pictures you select. Once you’ve utilised the Beautifinda directory to narrow down nearby professionals, start to view their portfolios. Certain artists may focus on super-glamorous looks; others specialise in more natural glows. Beginning to align your inspiration images with the portfolios of our artists will ensure you’re reaching out to artists that echo your vision.

    Tan by Beautifinda, dress by Jane Hill

    When it comes to your wedding day beauty, don't forget to trial your tan, too. Gown in this image by Jane Hill bridal.  

  • Use a Directory to Discover Your Local Professionals

  • No longer do you have to search for local artists through multiple channels - Beautifinda allows you to instantly connect with beauty professionals within a set radius of your location. Within seconds you can narrow down your search to either salons or mobile services close to the location of your big day. Each professional has a profile where you can view their services, prices, portfolio and reviews by other brides. Beautifinda does the hard work of finding local professionals for you.


  • Read Up on Their Reviews

  • Your makeup and hair is a huge part of the big day, and you’ll want to be confident that the artist you work with has experience under wedding-day pressure. Beautifinda allows clients to review their artists on speed, quality and price. Once you’ve narrowed your list of potential artists, browse their profiles and consider the reviews they’ve received. Clients like yourself place the reviews after their events so you can trust their feedback to give you an idea of the artist’s capabilities.

    Messy top-knot bun hairstyle  

    Above: A messy top-knot bun spotted on Beautifinda's Instagram 

  • Book a Trial Appointment

  • The strongest word of advice we can give when choosing your wedding day hair and makeup artist is this: Have a trial appointment! A trial is the perfect opportunity to get to know your artist, trial different looks, test how the style will last all day, and ensure your confidence in the final look. It also means that on the day of the event you are both on the same page, allowing the artist to work quickly and calmly. You’ll then be able to move on to the more important parts of your preparation, like photos and champagne!


    High, messy ponytail

     High, messy ponytail inspiration from Beautifinda's Instagram 

  • Trust Your Amazing Artist

  • Having done your research and completed your trial appointments, book the artist that you feel can bring to life your vision for the day. Keep the lines of communication open in the lead up, notifying them of any changes to the schedule, requirements or your dream look. Heading into your wedding, trust your artist to complete the vision you’ve worked on together. We are surrounded by incredibly talented professionals, so relax and let them do their thing! 

    To discover Beautifinda’s directory of skilled beauty professionals, head to Main image: Beautifinda and Madame Rouge Makeup

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