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Crystal + Ramsey | Rules of Engagement

As chance would have it Crystal and Ramsey met on a random night in college. There was instant chemistry and they talked all night, but nothing really came of it until six months later. To their surprise, they were reunited when they found out they’d be neighbors in a frat house the following summer. The […]

Mikella + Nason | An Unexpected Love

You never know when you are going to meet your person. For many years, Mikella and Nason were just acquaintances, neighbors, classmates, and participants of an unforgettable one-sided water balloon fight when they were fourteen. Whatever forces bring two people together took their time with these two. But when they least expected it, it just […]

Vignatha + Stephen | Breaking All the Rules (An OkCupid Love Story)

The love story of Vignatha and Stephen is the epitome of the wonders of modern technology. The two could not be more different on paper, but thanks to OkCupid they were able to dig deeper beyond the surface and fall madly in love with one another. Their story is an illustration of what it means […]