Once you've chosen your wedding dress, you have full permission to turn your attention and time to the time-honoured wedding day ritual of the wedding veil. The history of the wedding veil is rich and deep. In fact, wedding veils were an important part of weddings long before the wedding gown. Ancient Romans believed a veil would protect a bride from evil spirits; whereas in medieval times, it was used as a way of shielding the bride's features from her groom until the point that she was his wife. Today, the veil endures in popularity for its unmatched ability to add elegance and significance to a bride's entrance. While modern brides are increasingly opting for on-trend, fashion-forward wedding gowns, the wedding veil endures as an heirloom keepsake to be treasured for generations to come. 

Our collection of silk tulle and English net veils are designed and made by hand by a carefully selected suite of partner designers with studios in New York, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Whether you choose a silk white or ivory-coloured veil, Elle + Adhira veils use only the finest European fabrics. These beautiful veils are available in the perfect length to suit your gown, style and shape - whether it's a sweetly innocent fingertip-length veil, a more elongated floor-length veil, a chapel veil, or a cathedral veil. A chapel length veil provides what many believe to be the perfect amount of train at the back, at 2.5m (8'2") long. A cathedral veil provides the most dramatic and regal silhouette, at 3m (9'8") long. Whatever the length your special day calls for, the carefully-selected collection at Elle + Adhira will ensure you stay chic - and well away from regrettable pouf and frou. 

Choose trims, features and adornments to complement your wedding dress and your own personal style - whether that's a lace veil, a lace-trimmed veil, a beaded veil with crystals and pearls, or even a veil scattered with hand-made silk white flowers. From there, the only choice is whether to include a blusher over the face, or opt for a single-tier veil at the back of your head. With options for the free-spirited bohemian bride, classic brides, modern weddings and traditional formal weddings, you'll be selecting a piece that will carry a lifetime of beautiful memories. 

Each Elle + Adhira veil can be worn with hair up; down; or half-up, half-down. They can also be worn on their own, or with a headpiece or hair comb to accompany them. How to choose the right veil for your wedding day? Shopping for a veil online can be very easy when you have the right support and advice, so feel free to email us at info@elleandadhira.com with a photo of your gown and some information about the overall style of your day if you'd like us to recommend the right item for you.