The proposal was magical, the big day was set. The bride had something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, but nothing… uncommon? As she scoured site after site for the perfect accessories in vain, her building excitement turned to frustration.

In an attempt to save other soon-to-be brides the headache of multiple browser tabs and endless searches, our founder decided to build her own community of one-of-a-kind creators. With the vision of a site carefully curated so as not to overwhelm, she works hand-in-hand with each designer to create Elle + Adhira’s collections of gorgeously unique bridal accessories.

The rest, as they say, is history! Elle + Adhira is quite simply here to make the lives of brides around the world just a little bit easier, and a touch more special. Our collections of adornments rotate so that we have the opportunity to showcase all kinds of designer genius, and to keep things fresh for our lovely brides.

Because we love the beauty of love so much, we also really like getting love notes. Reach out to us directly (, and you won’t get a robot response. You’ll get one of us – a real human who wants to help make your big day go off without a hitch! 

Happy hunting!

E + A squad